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Apr 28, 2020

On today's episode of the Chirofunnel Podcast we dive into all things relationships with my good friends Paul and Stacey Martino with Relationship University.  They are some AMAZING people doing incredible things for all types of relationships.  Now for some docs, they might be wondering "what does this have to do with...

Apr 1, 2020

On today's episode I share a REALLY FUNNY but important story about a prank that my wife and I pulled today.  I also talk about Russell Brunson's new book that you can pre-order here.

Mar 19, 2020

On Part 4 of the Back to the Basics Marketing Crash Course Audio Series, I share "The Universal Marketing Framework".  This is SUPER IMPORTANT!  Knowing this and being able to utilize it in your marketing efforts will make all the difference in the world!  

Mar 18, 2020

On Part 3 of our Back to Basics Marketing Crash Course Audio series, we discuss a critical piece of your marketing, "The Big Domino".  Knowing this will not only help you better communicate to your audience but also better help to set you apart and improve your positioning.

Mar 17, 2020

On Part 2 of the Back to the Basics Audio series we dive deep into knowing your market and doing your homework.  This is an essential foundational piece of your marketing.  If you don't really know the "Who", the "Where" and the "What" of your audience then your marketing is going to be less effective at best, and...